Oral treatments

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Oral treatments

Post by bromley » Fri May 04, 2007 9:23 am

Digan has kindly offered to pay the $16,000 for this publication


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Post by TonyJegs » Tue May 15, 2007 9:21 am

This is a decent price, sometimes it could be up much more than 12000 euro, it depends on which institution has baked the report.
Anyway, this report is of limited value for MSers, unless someone would invest more than one mil in biotech sector. You can see the core of the report; just follow the links on their site.

Scientific analysis here lacks everything, esp. deep understanding of the problem, and usually based on mainstream ideas and current supporting articles, mainly from certain labs or certain well-known scientists (that why articles of ‘new discoveries’ are so important).
For the comment: few years ago there was a scandalous story (published in The Scientist or New Scientist) when 2 researchers turned down the proposal to use their names in fabricated research papers for the fee of 50 grant each and disclosed this deal to the public. These guys had guts, but who knows how many hadn’t.

Financial part of this kind of report is good; their analysis is very complex and pragmatic. This type of reports usually is on the desk of every top officer and Director of Board of the company, and, more importantly, that many strategic decisions on drugs development are made based on these reports only.
Unfortunately there is a serious flaw presented in these reports, hidden from the ‘naked eye’. ‘Mainstream’ ideas don’t work well on diseases like MS, AD, PD, etc., therefore huge sudden drops in shares value of (relatively small) biotech companies happen pretty often. CEOs of these companies usually resign after such events, but they are ‘packed up’ anyway. Big guys from major companies just swallow it down, and continue to push their stuff forward.

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