Estrogen Neuroprotective (Mice)

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Estrogen Neuroprotective (Mice)

Post by Shayk » 11 years ago

An abstract from the recent AAN meeting reported an estrogen ligand was neuroprotective in mice and the effect was not attributable to anti-inflammatory properties in the peripheral immune system.
[P07.105] Differential Effects of Estrogen Receptor (ER)α Versus ERβ Ligand Treatment: Anti-Inflammatory Versus Directly Neuroprotective

Seema K. Tiwari-Woodruff, Laurie-Beth J. Morales, Ruri Lee, Los Angeles, Rhonda Voskuhl, Los Angeles, CA
RESULTS: While ERα ligand treatment was anti-inflammatory, ERβ ligand treatment was not. ERβ ligand treatment nevertheless reduced demyelination and preserved axon numbers in white matter and prevented neuronal abnormalities in gray matter.

CONCLUSIONS/RELEVANCE: Thus, unlike ERα ligand treatment, ERβ ligand treatment was protective at the level of the target organ, independent of anti-inflammatory effects in the peripheral immune system. ERβ ligand treatment should be considered as a potential neuroprotective agent
Hopefully they'll be able to move quickly to a clinical trial so we can get beyond the mice. :roll:

Take care all--I'm still optimistic about the potential here. 8)


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