what to avoid

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what to avoid

Post by sbr487 » 8 years ago

Folks, most of MSers seem to suffer abdominal issues including GERD. I seem to have frequent abdominal issues, some of which include -
upper abdominal discomfort
mild stomach ache after eating

I go through a bout of this problem once (lasting 1-2 weeks) every 2-3 months

I am currently taking Gingko, Walnuts for my MS (nothing else and no conventional medicine). I also consume oat meals in order to avoid putting weight ...

Surpsiringly, even though I have been diagnosed with GERD, I dont seem to have classical issues that are related to it.

I have 2 questions -
is any of the item I am taking not adviced for people with abdominal issues. For example, I was contemplating about aspirin and noticed that it is a no no if you have regular abdominal issues.

could I be suffering from some food allergy.

Any recommendations?

PS: note that I am not trying to substitute medical advice here but trying to get more info before I request Dr to investigate further ...
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