Psoriasis medication raises hope in the fight against MS

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Psoriasis medication raises hope in the fight against MS

Post by MSUK » 7 years ago


Fumarates: Unique position amongst the active MS drugs due to neuroprotective potential

Fumaric acid salts have been in use against severe psoriasis for a long time. About ten years ago, researchers in Bochum speculated that they may also have a favourable effect on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as a result of their TH2 polarizing mechanisms.

In parallel to phase III studies, research is actively searching for the precise effective mechanisms. This has now been achieved by a neuroimmunological group at Bochum: fumaric acid salts detoxify radicals released during the inflammation process. In this way, they protect nerve and glial cells. Neurologists at the Ruhr University Hospital, St. Josef Hospital, working with Prof. Dr. Ralf Gold report early online in the leading neurology journal BRAIN....Read More - ... ageid/1679

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Post by jimmylegs » 7 years ago

thx squiffy.

i used to have psoriasis. still have the underlying tendency, but it's finally clear for the first time since what.. the 80s? if i back off on the regimen it reappears, but i don't know which are the critical parts of the mix. i don't see any fumarates in my multi, and my iron is ferrous gluconate, not fumarate form.
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