'Rebound' effect after discontinuation of interferon beta

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'Rebound' effect after discontinuation of interferon beta

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Summary: This interesting study followed up a cohort of patients with MS who had a good response to therapy with interferon beta after discontinuation of therapy. In total 43 patients who discontinued treatment after approximately 2 years of treatment were followed up for an average of 34 months. During the observation period 28 patients (65.1%) experienced severe relapses. Of these, 16 patients (57.2%) had one relapse, 9 (32.1%) had two relapses, and 3 (10.7%) had three relapses.

Although the study wasn’t controlled the authors suggest that results indicate that MS patients with high pre-treatment activity and a good response to interferon beta therapy should remain on treatment, and that discontinuation of this therapy should not be recommended.... Read More - http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm/fuseact ... ageid/1763
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