Pollution, Oxidative Stress and MS prevalence / Symptoms

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Pollution, Oxidative Stress and MS prevalence / Symptoms

Post by mrbarlow » 7 years ago

I would be interested to hear peoples views on the issue of pollution and oxidative stress. Having read Ashton Embry's writings on this matter I see he certain believes increases oxidative stress from pollutants is a factor explaining the increasing prevalence of MS.

As an anecdote. Last October I moved to within spitting distance of one of the Middle Easts biggest oil refineries. Within days I felt ill and 6 weeks later developed optic neuritis. Luckily I moved to a less polluted location and co-incidentially my health also improved. That said the environment is still highly polluted and the concept of pollution control in the region is non existent. Having flown up and down the Persian gulf this is evident and over flights over Dammam, Bahrain Abu Dhabi and Dubai are pretty telling.

I am on vacation for a few weeks in the UK. Although the air temperature is mid to high 20's (unheard of here) the air is so crisp and clean and I feel so much better.

Any similar anecdotes?

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