Lactobacillus fermentum - Worth consideration

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Lactobacillus fermentum - Worth consideration

Post by ElliotB » Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:02 pm

If you take probiotics, this is one strain of beneficial bacteria that is common in many, many [healthy] people yet is not generally included in most popular/readily available probiotic products, especially the ones that have high content numbers of strains and total amounts that because of 'slick' marketing, seem impressive.

You may want to consider adding this strain:

Lactobacillus fermentum (L. fermentum)

Here is a link to an interesting article about Lactobacillus fermentum:

I discovered info about this strain while doing some research and was surprised that most popular probiotic products don't include it. I found a couple finally but it took some Google work and will start taking it in the next couple of days. Many probiotic products stress quantity of bacteria (in high billions) or number of strains (even products with high strain counts such as those with 10,12 or 18 typically don't include this particular strain) rather than the quality of the strains they contain. Most readily available probiotic products are not all that different from each other when it comes to the strains they contain.

According to this article which gives 10 benefits of this particular strain:

"L. fermentum is one of the less studied probiotic strains that shows many promising health benefits, such as boosting the immune response, improving liver health and lowering cholesterol levels."

If you are interested, the brand I found that has this strain is Reg´Activ CARDIO WELLNESS™* . They have two formulations that include the L. fermentum strain and is available at Whole Foods and Amazon.

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