Hey there, my name is Tracy

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Hey there, my name is Tracy

Post by tntagg » 12 years ago

Hey there, my name is Tracy. I've been a watcher for sometime on this site. I've had diagnosed MS since '98. I've had a great doctor since '99, Dr. William Stuart. I've pinned all my hopes on the drug Tysabri, managed to get a couple doses in last year.
However my sight is worsening every week, apparently my optic nerve is flaring, causeing me to not be able to focus. I'd already given up reading and driving years ago. I really want what I have left of my sight. Does anyone know anything out there to help with the optic nerve, you know something the moral majority didn't pull off the testing market?

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Post by Arron » 12 years ago

Tysabri, which should soon be available again, has run successful trials testing it against optic neuritis...

"Natalizumab Reduces Loss of Visual Function in Patients with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. This is a clever, focussed new study that shows Tysabri is effective in reducing visual damage due to Multiple Sclerosis.

"OBJECTIVE: To report data on the effects of natalizumab on loss of visual function in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) in the AFFIRM and SENTINEL studies... CONCLUSIONS/RELEVANCE: Natalizumab reduces loss of visual function in patients with relapsing MS. Low-contrast letter acuity is a sensitive visual function outcome for MS trials."
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