Feeling GREAT after only one month on LDN!

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If you definitely got better on LDN, how long did you take LDN before noticing undeniable improvement?

Immediately, less than two days after starting LDN
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From a few days to a week after starting LDN
From one to two weeks after starting LDN
From two to three weeks after starting LDN
From three to four weeks after starting LDN
From one to two months after starting LDN
From two to three months after starting LDN
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Longer than three months before seeing undeniable improvement
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Feeling GREAT after only one month on LDN!

Post by flora68 » Fri Mar 11, 2005 7:29 pm

After a month on LDN, I'm feeling so great I just had to say something. :) I guess I must be flying high on endorphins or something, because I don't just have more energy than I've had in years, and a return of abilities, but there's even an element of euphoria in it.

Nobody told me about that.

Maybe the euphoria part is just the mountain laurel blooming, the perfect Spring weather in Austin after a rainy Winter, and the fact that I'm able to get out and enjoy it for a change.

Specifically, I can walk way better and way further. That opens a lot of happy possibilities again.

I can climb my steep front steps like a regular person. :D

Getting up from bed or a chair is effortless and painless.

I don't have muscle spasms.

I mowed my whole yard, front and back, and felt great.

I can sleep again!

And today, after a busy morning, I went out to my old place in the country, and walked all over the place. I was on my feet for over a half hour at a time, several times today. Walked all over my little old fruit orchard, looking for buds on the little bluebonnets while dodging the bees buzzing around the peach, apricot, and apple blossoms overhead. (Up to two weeks ago, I was already pooped out and in a lot of back pain (unrelated to MS) by the time I got to the entrance of the orchard.) That's a real big change for me.

I walked the back fence line and saw stuff I hadn't been able to get to for years.

I threw the Frisbee for my little cow dog Claude until he got tired. (And he's got stamina!)

Hey, all of a sudden I've got some dadgum stamina too.

I'm sleeping well, and for several hours at a time, which I couldn't do until this week because of constant back pain.

I didn't know LDN could help other pain, unrelated to MS. But for days I've been comfortable in what must be a sea of endorphins. Wow. It used to take an epidural cortisone injection to do that.

And my bladder isn't getting me up two or three times a night anymore either. (Just once, if at all.) That's a huge change for me.

In other words, I've been feeling NORMAL. Remember NORMAL? I didn't. Or at least, I never expected to experience it again. Like I said, I just didn't want anything to get worse.

On another thread on this topic, "Starting LDN soon - getting excited!", I talked about getting starting on my first dose (3mg) on February 10th, just last month.

I'd expected that LDN would probably work and work well for me, but I'd also assumed that it'd take a really long time to do anything noticeable. I don't know why I assumed that, but I was totally prepared to be a very very patient patient.

And all I'd dared to hope was that LDN would keep me from getting any new symptoms. It never occured to me that I'd get better. I figured that if LDN would just stop the MS from doing anything else to me, I'd have been 100% satisfied.

But for the last few days, I've felt at least 10 years younger!

I'm wondering, do people who get definite help from LDN usually get it this soon?

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Post by Mary » Sat Mar 12, 2005 8:28 am

I was just wondering the same thing...when (if ever) do people start to notice a marked improvement when on LDN? I am at the one month mark (3mg.) and I don't really notice anything. Like you, if I just don't progress that's certainly something to be thankful for. I have a MRI scheduled for the end of July to do a comparison of a MRI taken in Dec. '04 to see if the LDN has any affect in that regard.

But so far I haven't really noticed much. My mood may be a bit lighter, I think I have a bit more movement in my toes. Maybe my MS is mild although my legs are always kinda shaky, my balance is very bad and I have bad foot drop...but I don't use a cane or a walker, so how bad can that be I suppose...

Anyway, so far I haven't really noticed any outward effects of the LDN. I am about to up my dosage to 4.5mg so maybe then, or maybe it just takes longer for some people, or maybe I'll never actually "feel"it...

It certainly hasn't hurt, I have had no adverse side effects and my mobility is no worse, just no changes.

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