BCM-95 Curcumin

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Re: BCM-95 Curcumin

Post by jimmylegs » 7 years ago

i like progressive i use their multi but they're not perfect.
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Re: BCM-95 Curcumin

Post by CureOrBust » 7 years ago

I ordered the two different types mentioned above, and have tried one of them; the Meriva.
I normally try to take four or five capsules in the morning, and the same at night, so I did the same with these. I can't say I noticed any difference. I did however only try them about five nights. The problem is that I think they have some kind of diuretic effect :?

Normally I can get through the night without having to get up to urinate. However, on the nights I took these, I was up 3-5 times before the morning. I tried them a couple nights, had a suspicion, stopped, and then tried them again. They are definitely off the night list for now.

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Re: BCM-95 Curcumin

Post by lakitu » 6 years ago

hey - severe-severe allergy sufferer, & therefore (due to the histamines -> inflammation process), a severe sufferer of inflammation - most noticeably in my brain.

turmeric (just plain turmeric, the spice you find in the grocery store) saved me from massive pain & inability to sleep when someone introduced me to the process of inflammation - i just wanted to chip in as i saw (last night) on Charlie Rose, MS sufferers (all?) deal with inflammation in their brain - i do too & can provide helpful info.

among 'whole foods' (the spice turmeric, ginger root (cleaned & skinned..), garlic, etc) the order that these (again i have massive inflammation so it easy to tell the order) helped was:

1) ginger root
2) turmeric
3) garlic

^ order of potency of anti-inflammation for whole foods i have tried

but then i got into supplements, via Mercola.com's articles - i tried boswellia, as well as turmeric *extract* (curcuminoids (sp?)) supplements. i think i got a cheap brand of boswellia, so that may be a sort of 'wash' or 'unknown', re what i can recommend, but i will just say for these that the turmeric extract pills were nice because i didn't have to have tomato juice as a base to ingest the raw turmeric spice 3 times a day -- which became a hard thing on my stomach, which i counteracted with apple cider vinegar & water -- but anyway --

the reason i comment is because i just got on BCM-95 ((again am just some guy with allergies & a ton of serious brain inflammation)) -- BCM-95 saved my butt. it is SO STRONG (not sure about all brands - i will mention mine but again no monetary/whatever affilation, ONLY a customer -- "Genceutic Naturals - BCM 95 Curcumin, 250mg") -- it is so STRONG, i was saying, i have to poke a hole in it with a pin (i use a corn-cob holder =D) & drain half of it. it pows me. it was what saved my butt last night when i was sort of verging on too much inflammation. i am ordering more (how i found this thread, actually) & am also going to move to arizona or somewhere where my allergen - mold - 's count is low. till then i'll be taking the even more natural BCM-95 extract until i develop a tolerance, then wean off as i introduce something else. fwiw, ginger (i use peeled ginger root) is i think synergetic with turmeric & therefore probably turmeric extracts like 95% curcuminoid stuff & also BCM-95, too. (ginger & those work better together than each individually, i mean.)


p.s. definitely read about inflammation, not a good thing for you:


best to keep it in check.. good luck - my friend does the MS biking, i'll tell her to raise a few more dollars knowing you guys suffer what i suffer (brain inflammation (right?))

- still joe =)

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Re: BCM-95 Curcumin

Post by carolyncramer » 6 years ago

There's also one with selenium and broccoli seed extract that my nutritionist recommended called Curcumin Extreme. It's available through a medical supplement brand, Nutrametrix.

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Re: BCM-95 Curcumin

Post by zenhead » 2 years ago

there is plenty of information here. is there anyone who has been using tis stuff who can speak about noticeable results?
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