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by atilladahunt
Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:00 pm
Forum: Tecfidera (BG-12, dimethyl fumarate)
Topic: Tecfidera first 17 days and counting
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Re: Tecfidera first 17 days and counting

I'm sorry for the problems you are having with Tecfidera. My neuro had me take 4 weeks of the initial dose before starting on stronger dose. I have had no issues to date and can even take it on an empty stomach. Just wanted to put the word out there for people making decisions that it's not all bad....
by atilladahunt
Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:36 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Yowzers...from perfectly healthy to MS in 3 weeks?
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Re: Yowzers...from perfectly healthy to MS in 3 weeks?

Welcome Trevvian, This is my first reply to a post as I'm also new here. Your story isn't much different than mine. I was diagnosed Aug. 21st. The thing that boggles my mind the most is that other than the smallest of tingles in my lower leg for about a year, I had ZERO symptoms until July when I ha...
by atilladahunt
Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:11 am
Forum: Undiagnosed
Topic: New to MS
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New to MS

I'm meeting with a MS specialist this Friday. I'm hoping to have lumbar puncture and MRI's interpreted. The first neuro who ordered the MRI showed me the 2 lesions and told me it was most likely MS. I had a mild bout of diplopia (optic neuritis) that lasted 10 days but would come and go...lasting 5 ...

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