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Post by JFH » 14 years ago


I dont think I am using the Search facility correctly. I tried searching for JELINEK with all the various combinations of options checked and didnt find a thing. A google site specific search with JELINEK produced the forum posting I remembered but couldnt find.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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Post by Arron » 14 years ago

hmmm, I tried the same search-- using the "Search" link in the top of the forum navigation bar ("Forum FAQ" "Search" "Usergroups" etc.), not "Search" on the left hand navigation bar-- and it worked (presumably you were looking for the JELINEK mention in the Diet topic?).

The issue is that the "Search" function on the left only searches the news postings from the front page, while the "Search" function in the forums searches the forum posts.

I can see how this can be frustrating and will look into ways to unify the searches.

Thanks for the feedback!

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