Article on adult stem cells

Discuss stem cells, adult and embryonic, and their therapeutic potential for MS here.
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Article on adult stem cells

Post by bromley » 13 years ago

The following article says that there is no need for embryonic stem cell research as adult stem cells are safer and can do the job.

There was a TV programme broadcast in the UK this week about ALS and treatment in China using foetal stem cells. Some UK neurologists visited the clinic but were not convinced by some of the claims being made e.g people walking again etc. One of the UK neurologists was an expert in stem cells and has been focussing on the cells in the nose as possible cells to repair damage in the CNS. He said that human trials were two years away.

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Post by Cheesy » 13 years ago

Here is the Australian Family Association that the author of the article is a member of. It's a pro-life organization.

I'm not trying to start a political war here, people are free to believe whatever they want about the morality of embryonic stem cell research but he (the author)can't claim that embryonic cells are more "unstable" because it's not clear yet what will happen with stem cells.

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