Pesticides + Poison Gases = Cheap, Year-Round Strawberries

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Pesticides + Poison Gases = Cheap, Year-Round Strawberries

Post by ElliotB » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:40 am

I truly believe that detoxification and permanent elimination of harmful chemicals of every type wherever possible whether in food, in the air around you, or in any products that you use, is an essential and highly important part of any program to keep someone healthy, especially those with a major illness like MS.

In doing research on fruits and vegetables, I came across this most interesting and informative website:

One of the articles that really emphasizes the problem with many modern foods is this one on strawberries., titled "Pesticides + Poison Gases = Cheap, Year-Round Strawberries": ... fyyh2iPK01

From the article, "strawberry growers use jaw-dropping volumes of poisonous gases – some developed for chemical warfare but now banned by the Geneva Conventions – to sterilize their fields before planting, killing every pest, weed and other living thing in the soil."

The simplest ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible task is to take supplements known to help the body detoxify itself of 'poisons', to eat foods known to help the body detoxify and to avoid the consumption wherever possible of foods tainted with such compounds.

It is not easy or fast but you can grow your own pesticide/chemical free foods (most 'common' veggies are easy to grow, fruits are a bit harder to grow but because of their high sugar content should for the most part most modern fruits should be avoided anyway - low glycemic fruits such as blueberries, raspberries can be low in pesticides, especially for some reason frozen ones.

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