5 Types Of Testosterone Boosting Hormone Foods For Men

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5 Types Of Testosterone Boosting Hormone Foods For Men

Post by moet36 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:01 am

Testosterone is the male hormone that affects many aspects of the body, not just the sexual needs. This hormone is also responsible for maintaining muscle strength, bones, sperm production and hair growth.

Sexual Dysfunction, also known as testosterone depletion, is a treatable condition that prevents future complications from affecting your health. Along with the advice of your doctor, you should also consider the following foods that increase testosterone levels:


Tuna is a good source of vitamin D. Tuna is also good for heart health, high in protein and low in calories. Whether you eat canned tuna or fresh tuna, eating this fish is also a natural way to boost testosterone levels. A tuna diet will also provide you with enough vitamin D you need during the day. If you do not like to eat tuna, you may consider eating other fish that contain vitamin D, such as salmon or sardines. But remember, it is important to eat at a moderate level. Consuming too much omega 3 fatty acids from fish and other foods can increase your risk of prostate cancer.

Egg yolk

Chicken egg yolk is another source of vitamin D. Egg yolk is more nutritious than whites. Although cholesterol is known to have a lot of negative effects on health, cholesterol in egg yolk is even beneficial for testosterone depletion. As long as you do not have any cholesterol problems, you can eat an egg a day.


Zinc is a micronutrient needed during puberty and the effects of zinc can help maintain the sex hormone level during adulthood. Men who have sex hormone deficiency may benefit from taking zinc supplements if they are deficient in zinc. Oysters are a very rich source of zinc, and can help boost your testosterone levels.


There are many worrying health issues about consuming too much red meat. Red meat is not only more fat than poultry, but eating too much red meat can lead to cancer, such as colorectal cancer. However, sometimes eating a beef meal can provide you with enough nutrients to boost testosterone levels. Cow's beef is a very special source of vitamin D, while beef and crooked beef contain a lot of zinc. To control the amount of animal fats present in beef, you should choose lean cuts of beef and avoid eating beef every day.

Hard shellfish

Occasional eating of a crab or lobster meal may be beneficial for your testosterone levels, in part because of the zinc content found in these marine foods. 3 crab rations can give you 43% of zinc demand during the day.

Men after 40 years of testosterone decline significantly, often eat these foods will help you.

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