IMPORTANT: New type of MS discovered

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IMPORTANT: New type of MS discovered

Post by frodo » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:18 pm

It seems that 12% of patients have white matter lesions without demyelination, with a different kind of lesion that looks the same under MRI but is different in reality. So much for the primary demyelination theories.

You can read about it in several places. There is an explanation about its importance here:

"However, in the new findings, a research team led by Bruce Trapp, Ph.D., identified for the first time a subtype of the disease that features neuronal loss but no demyelination of the brain’s white matter"

These patients have cortical and spinal cord demyelination, but the WM lesions do not have it. I have put also an entry in the pathogenesis section: ... 30333.html

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