erectile disfunction

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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erectile disfunction

Post by maxim » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:32 pm

i am 35 yo, have an Relapsing MS. officially 4 years, in reality probably more
have a few disfunctions, eg. brain fog, hyper active bladder, tingling.
but most importantly for me, i have strange erectile problems. mostly I dont have sexual drive at all, no desire, impotence, no reaction to porn.

sometimes, rare, I start to have a desire and can have a good erection. it seems like unpredictable changes, it usually last about 2-3 days and than disappears again for many months.
Strange that I have no serious disabilities except that.

can you advice me something? can it be connected to MS? I can walk, even run, and visually I have no signs of my disease

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Re: erectile disfunction

Post by David1949 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:17 pm

Erectile dysfunction is not much fun but Viagra might fix that for you. On the other hand if you don't have a sex drive maybe it's not a problem. Some folks with MS are paralyzed and bedridden. The problem you have doesn't sound nearly so bad. Remember the old adage; count your blessings. You can still walk and you can still talk.

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Re: erectile disfunction

Post by Scott1 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:27 pm


What drive the process is vasodilation which depends how well you make nitric oxide (NO). Without getting technical, that depends on how well you convert L-arginine to citrulline and NO . Some people have success by taking aceytl-l-carnitine and arginine as supplements. Testosterone plays a role but it might be overstated. This is a typical example of the advice relating to low levels of testosterone on the internet . As a first port of call, you should see a doctor as your problem may be indicative something else.
The types of medication you may be using can also affect your sex drive.

As you mention "brain fog, hyperactive bladder and tingling" then you are not free from issues that may play a role. They sound, to me, like you experiencing the symptoms of inflammation. Over and over, EBV arises as a common factor in MS. It may be worth trying valacilovir to sit on the EBV. It is a nonstandard MS treatment but I found it does help. I've been taking 2x500mg daily for two decades and I am sure it has helped with some of the things you have mentioned.
If you are also feeling a bit fatigued try adding 400-600mg a day of CoQ10 to your regime. Only buy a practioner brand from behind a counter at a chemist. Don't shop on the internet or pluck it off the shelf as the quality is likely to be variable and lack efficacy.


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Re: erectile disfunction

Post by Anonymoose » Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:59 pm

Hi Maxim,

While I, being female, am ill-equipped to relate to your exact circumstance, I can relate to unexpected short-lived improvements. For me, they are always always always caused by something I ate.

When you experience those 2-3 extraordinary days, take note of what you’ve been eating. If there is an item you usually don’t eat, try to see if you can keep the good thing going by continuing to consume that food. If it works, you can google that food’s highest ranking nutrients and test supplements to see which nutrient is causing the improvement. Then you can increase its consumption with other foods rich in that nutrient or supplement that nutrient (and its cofactors). If it doesn’t work, try another unusual food you’ve eaten or give up. :P Sun exposure might help things in that department as well. It increases nitric oxide release which dilates blood vesssls/improves circulation.

Hope you can figure it out.

Be well

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Re: erectile disfunction

Post by jerrygallow » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:32 am

Do you take any antidepressants? They can cause it. I have experienced the lack of drive you mention, but not to that degree. Here are some things that help balance the hormones and brain chemistry. Zinc is essential. Fish oil and vitamin A. Fish oil because it thins the blood, and vitamin A affects testosterone. Likewise vitamin D has a hormonal affect and is essential for people with MS. A lesser known supplement that improves hormones is boron.

finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you are experiencing lack of drive, it is probably in your mind and your body. I am not talking about psychology but brain chemistry. Dopamine made a big difference for me. Now you can’t to supplement dopamine, but you can give your body the raw materials to make it. Try l dopa which comes from a plant called Maca. Also try horny goat weed because it too can balance some of the hormones that are probably out of whack.

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