A DIY 'Super' 5 Formulation Magnesium Supplement fit for pwMS

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A DIY 'Super' 5 Formulation Magnesium Supplement fit for pwMS

Post by ElliotB » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:05 pm

Until a couple of weeks ago, my knowledge about magnesium supplements was very limited. But after reading an interesting article about a broad spectrum magnesium supplement, I decided it was important to learn a lot more about magnesium. It turns out magnesium, like many other supplements, is extremely important to good health. I also learned that there are many, many different variations of magnesium supplements, and each one has some unique attributes, and some are significantly better for you than others.

This is one of the informative articles I read:
https://www.thefamilythathealstogether. ... and-worst/

Some additional general info about magnesium:

This crucial mineral...
Loosens muscles by counteracting the effect of calcium, which tightens muscles. As people age, excess calcium accumulates in the muscles, causing cramps. Also, when people eat a lot of dairy and/or take calcium supplements, (especially with Vitamin D) it is easy to get calcium overload.
Increases the absorption of potassium, which is critical for proper muscle function.
Decreases pain by blocking pain receptors in the brain and nervous system.
Dampens inflammation in the muscles and the entire body.
Relaxes blood vessels and decreases blood pressure, which restores healthy circulation.
Increases the production of serotonin, GABA and melatonin, which helps you relax and fall asleep. (Scientific References)

In any case, I learned the type of magnesium I had been taken for years was probably not the best choice for me or most people, certainly not for someone with MS. Based on the info presented in the article, I began searching for the perfect broad spectrum magnesium supplement. But could not find one that had all the important variations of Magnesium that I wanted as described in the article linked above.

Fortunately I was able to find the components I wanted on an individual basis (thanks to Amazon), and now take the following 5 magnesium supplements daily:

Magnesium L Theonate
formulated for brain health
may help to diminish symptoms of hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, and other brain-related disorders
improves memory
demonstrated restoration of function in aging neurons in animal studies
the only form of magnesium that significantly increases levels of magnesium in the brain

Magnesium Bisglycinate
MUSCLE RELAXATION & CRAMP RELIEF. Magnesium is nature’s ultimate defense against muscle tightness and soreness caused by exercise or strenuous activity. Maintaining healthy levels of essential electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium are crucial for preventing muscle cramping during exercise too.
SUPPORT FOR BONE DENSITY & STRENGTH. Bone density is vital to living a healthy life and preventing serious bone injuries, especially as we age. That’s why doctors often recommend adding magnesium to their patients’ current regimen of multivitamin supplements
SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH & BLOOD SUGAR. The best way to stay heart healthy is taking care of your heart before it becomes an issue. Magnesium is clinically proven to support healthy blood pressure levels, overall heart health, and healthy blood sugar levels.

Magnesium Orotate
well absorbed
improves athletic performance and recovery
improves cardiovascular health

Magnesium Glycinate
made from magnesium and the amino acid glycine
promotes relaxation
is easily absorbed
may improve leaky gut
may reduce nerve pain

Magnesium Elemental (Mag. Malate & Bisglycinate)

made from magnesium and the organic compound malic acid
improves energy levels
reduces muscle pain
may counteract heavy metals

I am very careful of the supplements I choose typically taking only pharmaceutical grade (100% pure without additives) as the majority of supplements sold have unwanted and often unnecessary fillers in them to aid in the manufacturing process. Fortunately I as able to find brands of each magnesium type without fillers, only one was available with very limited fillers.

Hope you find this useful...

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Re: A DIY 'Super' 5 Formulation Magnesium Supplement fit for pwMS

Post by THX1138 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:10 pm


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