Health Benefits of the Kohlrabi vegetable- a Natural Growing Multi-Vitamin!

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Health Benefits of the Kohlrabi vegetable- a Natural Growing Multi-Vitamin!

Post by ElliotB » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:59 am

Kohlrabi is a hardy vegetable that looks like a cross between a cabbage and pear, Kohlrabi well known in Europe and Northern India as a health staple in their diets. Kohlrabi is to the consistency of a broccoli stem or, with certain types of preparation, an apple. It is a something that can be both enjoyable to eat and incredibly healthy, as it has all kinds of beneficial nutrients. Below is a link to an interesting article about this vegetable and includes details pertainining to the health benefits of Kohlrabi.

I had never heard of or seen this vegetable before. Perhaps you have. In any case it is not available to me locally and since I now grow my own vegetables hydroponically anyway and the main part of the vegetable grows above ground, it makes sense (I am hoping) that this one will thrive indoors in a hydroponic environment (it is also considered an excellent container plant). I order some seeds last week and planted some today for the first time. It takes a couple of months until they can be harvested. I will post the results of my efforts once they are ready to eat. This will make an excellent addition to the current selection of vegetables I am now growing which includes kale, a couple of varieties of bok choy, broccoli raab, okra, green onions (scallions) and swiss chard.

BUT the info on Kohlrabi is fascinating! One way it is described is "Like a Natural Growing Multi-Vitamin"

Here is a link to some interesting info about Kohlrabi titled "Health Benefits of Kohlrabi": ... KlEALw_wcB
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Re: Health Benefits of the Kohlrabi vegetable-Like a Natural Growing Multi-Vitamin!

Post by Jaded » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:54 am

Ah I love kohlrabi. I can recommend just slicing it and sprinkling salt and eating it this way. Or with some olives and tomatoes. I have never tried this cooked.

I thought this might be the best alternative to broccoli which is not as tasty as it is also a cruciferous vegetable.

Good luck!

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