Desatascador. Why wait?

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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Desatascador. Why wait?

Post by gristy56 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:42 am

If you have been using the Desatascador, as previously instructed, and have noted some symptom reduction but not improvement in all areas, now is the time to reverse the batteries, and use on the opposite side. This will mean that on top of the aorta in the home position, the 'pin' should be to your left.

The effect will be that the 'fixed' magnet, closest to your body, is the opposite polarity, but because you have reversed the batteries, the motor will now spin anti-clockwise and magnetite will still be encouraged to move in the direction of the handle.

This means that the Desatascador will favour in removing 'south-seeking' magnetosomes from the venal system both in the brain and the periphery.

We read that in the northern hemisphere, there are more north-seeking type than south-seeking. Although no reason for this variation is understood, I believe it is simply due to the gravitation of the Earth and the angle of dip. In the Northern Hemisphere, the force of gravity aids the attraction between molcules making up north-seeking magnetosomes but is trying to separate molecules making up south-seeking type, which themselves are 'hanging' from the top side of veins. The converse is of course true in the Southern Hemishere. Does that make sense?

I therefore believe that in the Northern Hemisphere, only north seeking magnetomes can produce de-myelination but both types are concerned with symmptoms.

Whether a magnetosome is north-seeking or south-seeking seems to be random intitially, and simply depends on the direction it is facing, together with the surrounding bacteria which encourages it to 'swim', as we read. Throughout their existence, they can change their polarity due to external electromagnetic forces or simply their relation to the direction of the Earth's magnetic field at a point in time.

We read that drinking Cranberry juice which contains both proantocyanines to soften and Vitamin C to 'dissolve' the bacteria, will encourage the break up of magnetosomes of both polarities into their constituent magnetite molecules, allowing these to be 'swept away' by the blood flow.

The result that you will surely find is that the sound made by the Desatascador is quite different. As deposits are cleared out from shoulders, say, the vibration will be more and more intermittent but interspersed with almost a 'screeching'.
Put steel wire wool above your kidneys to slow down movement of the released magnetite and thus encourage chelation. Leave the steel wire wool in position overnight and you will certainly wake with reduced eyesight problems.

You will know that the polarity of magnetosomes is completely reversed if you simply roll the Desatascador to its original side, briefly, and the sound is now silent. If so,congratulations! You can continue with the batteries reversed from now on.

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Re: Desatascador. Why wait?

Post by Sandrino » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:42 am

Hi Gristy56, why don't ypu post a video where you show how correctly use the desatascador?
I try it many times but i really don't know how to use it.
The video of Elliot is not so exaustive.
Thank you

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