Red Meat Theories Were Not Properly Tested

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Red Meat Theories Were Not Properly Tested

Post by ElliotB » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:44 pm

Chances are you are aware that over the past couple of weeks, there was a lot of info published regarding errors in the effect of red meat on health. Red meat is likely not the culprit according to recent findings.

This article is one of the better ones I have found: ... eat-debate

One aspect that I have not read in any of the reports is that the nutritional aspect of the proteins in question can vary greatly depending on what diet the animal followed. A couple of the major nutritional differences are in the fat content, more specifically the levels of Omega 3 and saturated fat levels. For meats, grass fed is best. For fish and seafood, wild caught is best. There are specific reasons for this, backed by science.

You may find the section titled "Red Meat Myths" about 1/3rd through the article quite enlightening!

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