Brain energy metabolism

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Brain energy metabolism

Post by Petr75 » Mon Nov 16, 2020 1:21 am

2020 Oct
College of Pharmacy and Gachon Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gachon University, Korea
Brain energy metabolism and multiple sclerosis: progress and prospects


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease accompanied with nerve pain and paralysis. Although various pathogenic causes of MS have been suggested, including genetic and environmental factors, how MS occurs remains unclear. Moreover, MS should be diagnosed based on clinical experiences because of no disease-specific biomarker and currently available treatments for MS just can reduce relapsing frequency or severity with little effects on disease disability. Therefore, more efforts are required to identify pathophysiology of MS and diagnosis markers. Recent evidence indicates another aspect of MS pathogenesis, energy failure in the central nervous system (CNS). For instance, inflammation that is a characteristic MS symptom and occurs frequently in the CNS of MS patients can result into energy failure in mitochondria and cytosol. Indeed, metabolomics studies for MS have reported energy failure in oxidative phosphorylation and alteration of aerobic glycolysis. Therefore, studies on the metabolism in the CNS may provide another insight for understanding complexity of MS and pathogenesis, which would facilitate the discovery of promising strategies for developing therapeutics to treat MS. This review will provide an overview on recent progress of metabolomic studies for MS, with a focus on the fluctuation of energy metabolism in MS.

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