An Update on Diagnostic Laboratory Biomarkers

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An Update on Diagnostic Laboratory Biomarkers

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An Update on Diagnostic Laboratory Biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis ... 22-01227-1



For many patients, the multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnostic process can be lengthy, costly, and fraught with error. Recent research aims to address the unmet need for an accurate and simple diagnostic process through discovery of novel diagnostic biomarkers. This review summarizes recent studies on MS diagnostic fluid biomarkers, with a focus on blood biomarkers, and includes discussion of technical limitations and practical applicability

Recent Findings

This line of research is in its early days. Accurate and easily obtainable biomarkers for MS have not yet been identified and validated, but several approaches to uncover them are underway.


Continue efforts to define laboratory diagnostic biomarkers are likely to play an increasingly important role in defining MS at the earliest stages, leading to better long-term clinical outcomes.
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