Stress Management Interventions

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Stress Management Interventions

Post by Shayk » Tue Apr 06, 2004 5:54 pm

Heads up in San Francisco!

The Univ. of Cal. at San Francisco is recruiting participants for a study of

"Stress and MRI Changes in Multiple Sclerosis"

The study will look at the following questions:

Does stress lead to new brain lesions?
What types of stress cause or prevent new brain lesions?
What are the immune and endocrine mechanisms by which stress worsens MS?
Can changing how you manage stress change your risk of developing new brain lesions?

You must have your MRIs every 2 months at UCSF :( , but they will pay participants $540 for the 12 mo. study.

Participants will be randomly assigned to Intensive Stress Management Course or

Condensed Stress Management Course.

Further info available by calling 1-800-923-1033 or at
and they will be doing monthly "salivary assays" to examine the functioning of stress hormones (can be done via mail they say).


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