Going to the doctor is bad for your (mental) health

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Post by remnants » Fri Dec 02, 2005 9:56 am

Hi Aylish,

No, I do not have plans for another MRI in the future. The MRIs are as depressing as the doctors. I had more than a dozen active lesions in the brain and three in my spine each time. I was one of those people who had symptoms for years, but never attributed them to a disease. Tired/exhausted - thought that was part of being a working mom with five kids. When the strange numbness started in my arm, I thought - oh, I must be sleeping on that arm - even when it started in the middle of the day - I would shake it, as if I could somehow shake the feeling back into the arm. Even though I never could shake it back to feeling, it would pass, then creep back in a few months later.

When I finally did give in and go to a doctor, it was only because my younger daughter thought I had a stroke. I was dropping things and my arm started to tremble. My hands and feet felt raw, as if someone had sanded the skin off with 40 grit sandpaper, then threw walnuts on the ground for me to walk over. I didn't think stroke and actually suspected MS - I had searched the internet attempting to match symptoms to something and kept coming to MS. The G.P. ordered the MRI and I was told that I had MS before I even made it to see a neurologist. No doubts, no delays - it all went so fast. I panicked as the exacerbation progressed and I was walking like I was in a suit of armor - scared out of my mind - trying to get in to see a neurologist. They scheduled my neuro appt. a month after the first MRI. When I called the neuro's office, trying to get in sooner, and told them that I could hardly walk, the nurse told me there was nothing she could do, "This is a neurologist!" Stupid me, I didn't see a doctor when the early symptoms were creeping along - how was I supposed to know that I was expected to bow to the neurologist.

Since my experience with the doctor's hasn't been positive in any way, I see no reason to continue the visits. The ONLY reason I continue to make my neurological visits is my pending disability case. I have been reading research on this site as well as a few others, and find the info. here much more helpful than any doctor I have been to.

However, I would like another MRI at some time in the future - to see how it looks now that I have been on the LDN for a year. Insurance is the problem. I have it, but the deductible is so high - I might as well pay for it myself. I have it all planned out though. I will get the MRI and scooter in the same year - maybe even get the physical therapy he ordered.

My last visit, two weeks ago, he says, "You need to exercise." He thinks yoga. I'm thinking...can I wear shoes (walnuts)...but, I will tip over...do I get a spotter.

Have you been to the site Remedy Find? LDN is the highest rated treatment by the MS patients.

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