Announcement, Aimspro availability on "specials" i

A forum to discuss Aimspro (Goat Serum) as a possible therapy for MS
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Announcement, Aimspro availability on "specials" i

Post by adjanimals » Sat Jan 28, 2006 3:56 pm

Saw this on the Proventus site, breaking news section.

23 January 2006
Announcement of imminent Aimspro availability on "specials" in the UK!

Aimspro on the verge of availability in the UK...

In February or March 2006, Aimspro will finally be imported to the UK from
Australia, where it is now being produced. Australia, unlike the US, is free of
BSE, and patient safety has been of paramount importance to Daval
International, the company developing the medication. Immunisation of the
goats started in October 2005 and the active serum is now being stockpiled.
Daval has not been in a position to discuss any aspects of pricing of Aimspro
but Proventus would expect that the cost of Aimspro will start at not less than
£180 per vial. It is hoped that this will come down with increased volume of
All patients who were prescribed Aimspro on an Informed Consent basis, and
all those who have already applied, through their doctors, to go on Aimspro on
a ‘Specials’ basis will receive a detailed letter of reply from Daval International
in February informing them how Aimspro can be obtained. It is emphasised
that as an unlicensed medical product, availability is subject to prescription, on
a limited named patient basis, by a general practitioner or specialist.
A double blind, controlled trial is planned forMS, to be carried out in the near
future. This will look specifically at bladder function and other aspects of
quality of life, rather than relapse rate.
Daval were required to meet very stringent new (2004) UK and EU drug
manufacturing regulations, which is why Aimspro was temporarily withdrawn.
All aspects of the production of Aimspro now conform to Good Medical
Practice – the gold standard of pharmaceutical production.
At a Proventus meeting in Hampshire in November 2005, Clinical
Neurophysicist Chris Moore was one of the speakers. He also appeared on
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BBC South on January 5. He described what he had found in the Aimspro
trials: a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that in conditions such as MS could
‘calm’ an inflamed nerve area and thereby restore function.
He believed that there was a nerve stimulation effect but that it needed further
exploration. Without doubt the sooner that Aimspro is administered the sooner
damage prevention can come into play. As yet there is no direct proof that
Aimspro can prevent subsequent attacks but it is possible.
Absolutely no adverse effects have been experienced by those taking Aimspro
– only a slight reddening around the area where the sub-cutaneous injection is
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Post by gwa » Mon Jan 30, 2006 5:24 pm

It will be interesting when people in the UK can go back on Aimspro and we can see how they react to the serum.

By react I mean get better, hopefully. If I were there, I would be in line to try it. I has a lot more potential in my book than the CRABS.

gwa :D

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