CCSVI Info should be on the home page

Ideas for things you'd like to see?
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CCSVI Info should be on the home page

Post by MegansMom » Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:10 am

The more I nose around and read threads other than CCSVI I realize that some MSers come to the site and zero in on "their drug"
thread or "their treatment" thread and they never venture onto the CCSVI information.

It is obvious to me that many new to the site ( both the newly diagnosed and the ole MSer) would benefit from a clear lead into the world of CCSVI.

The TIMS homepage has a list of informational squares on various drugs but CCSVI does not appear there anywhere.

CCSVI has withstood the test of thousands of patients now and many clinical trials. It does not belong "behind the curtain" anymore.

Please post a Opening page Intro to CCSVI.

Cat (Catherine Somerville on FB)
My 35 yo daughter is newly dx 8/19/10 (had 12 symptoms)
Dx with Type A CCSVI- 1 IJV & double "candy wrapper" appearance of her Azygos
Venoplasty done Sept 21, 2010
Doing extremely well-

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