Day 2

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Day 2

Post by RedPenguins » Sat May 09, 2009 9:18 am

Well, I'm a little behind in updating!

After my first dose of chemo....that night I awoke at 2am feeling a little bit nauseous. Not a lot - but some. They gave me something for it and back to sleep I went.

I slept most of day 2. Nothing really to report. At 5pm they ran my second dose.

Oh, a little earlier in the day, I managed to get the nurse to unhook me from the IV so that I could visit with my 2.5 yo nephew. (Well, I'm almost like his second he's more than a nephew to me.) He was very upset as he said goodbye to me in LA on Monday....and he got to Balti yesterday morning and still hadn't seen me. When he saw my suitcase in the apartment, he kinda freaked out. So, despite being worried that he'd be scared by the hospital, they brought him up here to see me. I met with him in the lobby/waiting area. I didn't have the IV, so that wasn't scary. I did have to wear a mask, but we made a game of it. He was only off-put a little by it all, but seemed no worse for wear. :) And I got to see my baby!!!

Day 3 today....I asked the doctor if we could move up the time of the chemo so that I can have my last day's dose (tomorrow) early enough so that I can check out tomorrow instead of staying another night in the hospital. So it looks like they will start hydrating me shortly and begin the chemo around 3 if all goes well.

Today I met a nice man who is also having HiCy for MS. I also know there is a young lady who checked out yesterday who has MS. Apparently she knew who I was! Ho hum. Obviously, they all know who Chris is!

I went for a walk around the hospital and got some real food (well fried junk and a bagel anyhow). Now I'm gonna rest.

Hope everyone is well,


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Post by chrishasms » Sat May 09, 2009 9:24 am

I am glad I am still helping people indirectly lol.

I am more happy you are doing so well! Hang in there you are almost done.

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Post by steven73 » Sun May 10, 2009 5:15 am

Hey Keri!

Hang in there girl! Isn't it hard to believe that it was a year ago that you and I were both so filled with hope and bugging the Hopkins staff to death to get approvals for HiCy? We must have exchanged a hundred emails!

It's close to over now-the hospital part anyhow. At least you'll be able to head back to your apartment and have some privacy soon.

Keep us posted!


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