Rituxan infusion schedule

A board to discuss the anticipated multiple sclerosis treatment Rituxan.
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Rituxan infusion schedule

Post by pballer76 » Sun May 18, 2014 1:33 pm

I'm currently in Gilenya 2 months. I haven't had my blood work to see if I can remain on Gilenya.
I am interested in Rituxan as my neuro has mentioned it.
I was on Tysabri for 73 months and wonder what the dosing schedule is like.
What is a typical Rituxan infusion like?

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Re: Rituxan infusion schedule

Post by Anonymoose » Sun May 18, 2014 6:02 pm

Hi pballer,

I think the normal rituxan infusion schedule for ms is 1000mg on day 1 and another 1000mg 2 weeks later. This is repeated every six months or so for up to two years.

The infusions were pretty uneventful affairs for me. You just sit and visit with your fellow inmates for four or five hours while it drips away. They can unhook you to go to the bathroom...so you don't have to drag the ball and chain with you. Nurses check your blood pressure and temp regularly. Some people have reactions and get additional Benadryl so they get sleepy. I didn't have any significant reactions and didn't get at all sleepy. Bring drinks, snacks, and something to keep busy that doesn't require a lot of focus. Magazines and crosswords kept me busy during the little time there wasn't conversation going. I tried starting a book several times and couldn't get into it.

Hope that helps. :)

Are you jcv+? That would be something to worry about with rituxan.

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Re: Rituxan infusion schedule

Post by pballer76 » Mon May 19, 2014 3:58 pm

Yes I'm jcv+. I didn't know it would be a problem.
I will talk with neuro about it.
Thanks for the info.

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Re: Rituxan infusion schedule

Post by Mockmom » Mon May 04, 2015 7:15 pm

Hi, I had my fist infusion of RITUXAN on 4/27/15. First infusion was 500mg I will have my 2nd infusion on 5/11/15 1000mg, then I go in every 6 months.
I am JC positive but my Neuro feels the risks are very miminal for me.
So after my first infusion I just had headaches. Looking foward to my next infusion.
Take care
Here is some info my Neuro sent me, hope this helps some1. :roll: :roll:
http://www.medpagetoday.com/MeetingCove ... RIMS/39569
http://my.clevelandclinic.org/ccf/media ... 2-2010.pdf
http://www.webmd.com/multiple-sclerosis ... ise-for-ms

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