first infusion yesterday

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first infusion yesterday

Post by seeker » Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:05 pm

Had my first infusion of Rituxan yesterday at UCSF. Had a slight infusion reaction about two hours in that resulted in nothing more than a very itchy throat. They cut the flow, added more Benadryl, and we started again about 20 minutes later. Because of this hiccup whole infusion lasted about 7 hours.

After several denials my insurance (Blue Shield of California) agreed to pay for it thanks to a letter from my neurologist, Dr. Okuda. He had first wanted me to go on this stuff some two years ago when he recommended I stop Tysabri, which was not slowing down my progression adequately enough. We were denied and I tried Cytoxan, but it had little effect.

As a young person (34) with some evidence of active disease on last MRI I hope that I fall into the group that saw some clinical benefit from Rituxan ... 7/abstract

Next infusion in two weeks. I'll update my progess, which will hopefully be no progression.

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Post by ElMarino » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:14 pm

And I had my second yesterday..

I really feel that it will stop my spring relapses. I only ever get them late winter/early spring, and perhaps it's vitamin D, and vitamin D suppresses EBV which is implicated in the MS disease process, and EBV hides in B cells which are destroyed/renewed by the Rituximab.. Anyway, enough of that because I'm often posting about the possibility of an EBV/vitamin D link but, to be honest, I don't know a great deal about it.

So my second ijnfusion, like the first, passed with nothing to report.

A couple of details - my NHS Primary Care Trust took many months (perhaps it was eight or so) to approve my getting the treatment. My neurologist told me about a study in Canada (I tink that it was Canada), the results of which have not been presented yet, indicates that treatment may be as effective given every 18 months as every 6.

Good luck!
Apologies for my terrible username. I never thought I'd use the forum much when I registered..

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