First injection (manually) ever all by myself. Yeah i did i!

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First injection (manually) ever all by myself. Yeah i did i!

Post by wombat » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:23 am

The nurse came over yesterday afternoon and i injected manually in my arm with the left hand (I'm right handed). Yeah i did it! I was very very very nervous but glad that first one is over with. It's definitely overwhelming because how do you know exactly where to put it and what the heck you are doing, depth, pinch, let go, ugh there's a lot to remember. Can you do the shot and not let go of the pinch? I think that would be easier. I chose not to use the auto-ject thing just because I don't want to be tied to it, I'm very impatient and that's a lot of extra steps and the things I've read about it breaking the glass on the syringe sometimes, scares me. I'm on a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday schedule so I'll have my Friday/Saturday nights free. My arm was a little red afterwards and sore but that was it. Nothing major so far, hopefully that won't change. I hope I will be brave again tomorrow for the next one in another spot. EEK!

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Re: First injection (manually) ever all by myself. Yeah i di

Post by DougL » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:26 am

well done.

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