CCSVI - Youtube pre and post procedure / testimonial videos

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Re: CCSVI - Youtube pre and post procedure / testimonial vid

Post by 1eye » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:39 pm

Cece wrote:Researchers are still analyzing social media and CCSVI. We are so fascinating. Here's an article about youtube CCSVI videos. I thought it was interesting that they found 621 youtube videos from people with MS. Of those, 86% reported improvement. That's a lot of videos and a lot of improvement. I don't think we have all 621 here in this thread by any stretch. They're from 2009-2011, which was the heyday for this, so they may no longer be on youtube.
It's not just a he-said-she-said about people getting better. Anybody who cries placebo effect after this long is showing their bias, and lack of current information. Instead of the standard line of bull why don't they speculate about why people might feel better, that has something to do with reality, and new things we know about pwMS' endotheliums and slow brain blood flow, and, and, and...

There are good and real reasons why this procedure works. In 19 years of having MS, nothing else (and I've taken a lot of drugs) worked at all, compared to this procedure. I have been told many times that I am in better shape than most pwMS, and I believe it. Yes I still have foot drop. Yes I still get dizzy, and overheated, but I think I will continue to live my life, and my piano playing is still hacky but OK. In the last year I have organized and implemented a solar generation system on my roof, 10KW at $3.80 per hour.

I will have an electric tricycle built come springtime. I just finished getting the household financials into an accounting software package. So why can't these rich doctors see the light? They are looking the other way, trying to preserve and protect a rotten status quo, and keep the ill-gotten gains flowing.
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Re: CCSVI - Youtube pre and post procedure / testimonial vid

Post by ThisIsMA » Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:46 pm

Hi Cece,

Thanks for your recent post. It caused me to get curious about whether there are any recent YouTube videos about people's CCSVI procedures.

It turns out that there are several videos that were uploaded to Youtube during the past year. Many of them are people posting about how they're doing years after having had the CCSVI procedure done. Here are several links in case people want to check out some of these videos:


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Re: CCSVI - Youtube pre and post procedure / testimonial vid

Post by husamsdu » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:19 am

Yesterday I had CCSVI procedure. Doctor said give me information about your situation 3 months later.

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