Simka told me i had both jugular occluded! Only balloned

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Simka told me i had both jugular occluded! Only balloned

Post by babiezuique » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:56 am

I everybody! i'm now in Krakow...resting after the liberation in katowice.

I have to tell you that i regain the property of my brain! And i fell like i won the lotery of energy !

For me the worst was the catether:( I never had this before...) I never suffered so much before! The liberation is done very profesionally;)

We rent a beautifull apartment in the odest part of kracow:)

In the hospital i had next to me a woman from vancouver who come from poland! What a luck!

I met a special man from my place;) The one who has the coolest avatar here.... ( the cat with the gun....) A man with a lot of courage... I'm speedy to meet him again to share.. everything that hapened to us here....

I met a wonderfull man from sweden, he told me when i left: ''now we are linked for all our life''.... i'm still crying thinking about this!

We are strating a Liberati club in Quebec! We have to meet us and share what the liberation has done to us:)

Because of you all here.... i did this travel to poland without any fear. I knew everything that could happens before...( catheter )

You are my virtual friends..

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Post by Algis » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:01 am

Fantastic!! Be well Babie :)

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Post by Habenoughyet » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:46 am


Je suis de retour a la maison, apres le long et penible voyage :wink: . Je ne te demandera pas comment tu te sent, parce que je sais qu'il est peut etre encore trop de bonheur pour evaluer completement, il faut laisser le temps passer et le corps regenerer. Mais je sens par tes mots que tu me semble belle et bien sur la route vers la liberation :!: . Je suis tres heureux pour toi. N'oublie pas que nous sommes les pionniers de cet affaire, et qu'il faut qu'ont guident tous les autres qui ne sont pas encore liberes.

De mon cote, les ameliorations commence aussi a se manifester. Pas d'urgence pour aller a la toilette le matin, le "brain fog" commence a dissiper, ma pression aussi semble normalise, et la fatigue est ameliorer. C'est tous du bonbons.

J'espere que tu te repose bien a Krakow. Et tu dira un beau bonjour a Marie et ta mere de ma part et de Francois. :)

On garde contact et on suit notre cheminement.

Viva la liberacion!!!


PS. Machine gun kitty te dit aussi un beau bonjour... :wink:
"Never argue with stupid people... They bring you down to they're level and beat you with experience"

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Post by PCakes » Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:32 am

Congratulations BBQ!!!!! c'est magnifique!! :) please pop in and let us know how you are doing.. !

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Post by mangio » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:59 am

C'est une nouvelle merveilleuse! Vive le Poland. Fantastyczna.

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Post by Interrupted » Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:02 am

Congratulations! Keep us updated, I hope things keep improving :D

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Post by happydance » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:35 pm

Great to hear Babiezuique, Enjoy your stay in Krakow.

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Post by Jaguar » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:43 pm

I'm glad all went well. Enjoy Krakow.

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