Gains, losses and Gains???

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Gains, losses and Gains???

Post by broomdancer » Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:50 am

My husband received his treatment at Euromedic in Poland June 15th. His symptoms began to improve within 24hrs. 6 weeks later they began to recede and now are just about the same for the most part, except he can still rotate his neck 180 degrees, less fatique and his energy is still good.

I contacted Dr Simka and he stated that it was a phenomena that they donot understand yet. I am thinking that he was referring to the early improvements or maybe it was the decline of the early improvements. I am not sure of which he ment.

My husband had a Doppler at the 4 month junction at Barrie imaging Clinic and Angela said his blood was still flowing well. (He had 3 stenoses which were ballooned and his Azygors while a bit crooked he felt was fine). She said that Dr Zambonia told her that changes may not begin to appear until anywhere from 6-18 months. This most be when the myelin begins to repair itself. My question is, has anyone had this occur and did they begin to show improvements over time after losing the ones they initially had?

My husband's left ankle swells occasionaly and he says his feet burn. Are these MT symptoms? His left side was only affected overall.

We would deeply appreciate and thank you for any replys.
Cheers Diana

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Post by ClaireParry » Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:55 am

Hi, I hope someone has an answer here for you!

I also wonder the same thing - for some people do improvements take longer? Perhaps in some people iron deposits are more ' stubborn ' and so improvements are not immediate?

May be this is me just wishing!

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