Euromedic Poland and the Azygous vein - please help!

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Post by sunlounger » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:37 pm

hopeful123 wrote: Was it a severe narrowing that you had in your azygous? Is there any way they could have missed it if they'd been looking for it properly?

I don't fancy paying another 480zl for an MRI! Do you know, should it have shown up on the MRV that they did?

I would like to go the EHC too but feel I have paid Euromedic a lot of money already....
Haacke's report just says
axail view, the azygos vein shows pinching at it's lower region
sagittel view, the azygos vien has a rough boundary

I thought Euromedic would have at least been interested in Dr Haacke's findings and offered to have a look by doing a venogram for me :?
Miia wrote:Is it possible to send the MRV and the venograms to some doctor somewhere else? Haache?
Hi :)

You could send images to Ameds in Poland
or Prof. Grozdinski in Bulgaria for a second opinion,
If you can get Haacke's full protocol done somewhere then he would do a report for you

Because other doctors are finding azygos problems in around 90-95% not the 5% that Euromedic say they are ,there is a very high chance your right
You might find that you’re not lost

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Re: Re-treatment

Post by hopeful123 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:53 am

Dawna wrote:I was treated at Euromedic in May 2010.. they said nothing was wrong with my azygous. I was just retreated in WA State in Jan 2011 and was told that my azygous was 80% blocked. Makes one go hmmmm.
This is so interesting Dawna. Thank you so much for telling me.... It's really helped with deciding whether to go to Euromedic for treatment again, or to look elsewhere....

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Post by hopeful123 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:55 am

NotFound wrote:My azygous was completely missed in Poland, though not Euromedics, but Dr. Kostecki.

I got a second opinion upon arrival back to USA. Interestingly, the assessment of the stenosed azygous was made from the MRV done in Poland, but I had another Dr. (in USA) analyse it and clearly point out the place where the vein appeared "severely pinched"

I just put the image into my avatar, but am including a big one in this post. This image is from Pacific Internetionalists (I got treated there in December).

My azygous was more than 90% blocked - twisted about itself. It did not stay open when ballooned, so I have a 6mm stent now.

Here's the before and after of my azygous (almost a text book case)

Thank you so much for this info.... Again, very interesting... I'm glad that you got treatment for the azygous issues.

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