iron as a marker for lesion age

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iron as a marker for lesion age

Post by frodo » Tue May 05, 2020 2:23 am

Iron deposits in Multiple Sclerosis: an effective time marker? ... &pi=156056


MS lesion magnetic susceptibility increased rapidly as it changed from enhanced to nonenhanced, it attained a high susceptibility value relative to NAWM during its initial few years, and it gradually dissipated back to a susceptibility value similar to NAWM as it further aged, which may provide a new insight into the pathophysiologic effect of MS lesions.

As previously stated, the search for new methods in establishing DIS and DIT in neuroimaging is required in order to improve accuracy in the diagnostic methods in MS. These findings, even though have not a large number of subjects, are worthy of scrutiny and further elucidation. They hold the promise of lesion stadiation in a single MRI study, which would enable us to determine the progression of the disease,even though the patient had only recently reached for specialized medical attention.

In conclusion, we have shown that SWI has the potential to recognize the presence of iron in MS lesions, visualize lesions missed by conventional methods and visualize different lesion characteristics.

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