Is this a symptom of MS?

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Is this a symptom of MS?

Post by whiteflag » Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:52 am

Can anyone shed some light on this, or whether you have experience this before.

I'm RRMS - about 7 years since dx, but what I want to explain refers to when I'm pretty much symptom-free

When I am sitting or lying down, I feel ok , as in there's no spasticity. But when I stand up, my legs (around the hamstrings) tighten up and I can't move. I have to forcefully tighten my legs (it almost feels like I'm stretching my legs while standing up). After maybe 15-30 seconds, the spasticity goes away and I can resume walking as

Can anyone relate to this?

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Re: Is this a symptom of MS?

Post by ljelome » Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:03 pm

Hi whiteflag! i don't know if anyone have answered ur question.

But i have it too just like u. Everytime i wake up from laying position or get up from sitting position. I would have to strecth my back n legs almost automatically, then after sometimes, it will go away then i could walk again.

Nice to know u.

Oh yeah i had MS (since 2008 my first symptoms n 5/2010 firstly diagnosed).

Thank you.
Warm regards,

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