FAMPYRA Price reduction in Australia

Dalfampridine, or Ampyra, is a potassium channel blocker that is shown to improve visual function, motor skills and relieve fatigue in MS patients.
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FAMPYRA Price reduction in Australia

Post by CureOrBust » Sat May 17, 2014 6:07 pm

I just received this from the chemist. Originally we had an offer where they give you a months supply for free to try, and then every 4 month thereafter for free, or something like that. The manufacturer has been tryng to get it onto the PBS (ie govt subsidy), but has obviously failed, and has reduced the price and removed their previous offer.
From Monday 19th May 2014, each prescription of FAMPYRA that you fill using your account will cost $195 per pack. You will not need to make any changes to your account - the reduced price will show up in the Checkout screen when you complete your purchase. The free of charge packs previously obtainable under the FAMPYRA Patient Access Scheme will not be available from 19 May 2014. Each pack will cost $195 per pack. If you have recently paid $595 for three consecutive packs of FAMPYRA and are due to receive a free of charge pack upon filling your next FAMPYRA prescription, you are eligible to receive the free of charge pack up until 30 June 2014.
I am guessing they mean the 56x10mg pack has come down from $595 to $195. With 56 tabs I think covers you for almost a month (one in morning and one at night). This brings it down closer to my compounded cost of $180 for 100; so lets say twice as expensive.The thing that bothers me about the compounding place is that, I do not think they handle the 4AP correctly. And by that I mean, they allow it to have exposure to the atmosphere. From my understanding, 4AP is very sensitive to the atmosphere, and hence the makers of Fampyra go to great lengths to minimise this contact. The 56 tabs come in a box of four smaller foil sealed plastic bottles. The bottles are air tight, and by breaking the 56 tablets into batches of 14, no single bottle is open for the full month. I think I am going to switch. They may also have done similar in other countries, check with your pharmacy.

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