TMJ treatment with Dr Amir - also posted in CCSVI

Discussion of chiropractic methods used to address multiple sclerosis symptoms.
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TMJ treatment with Dr Amir - also posted in CCSVI

Post by Luvsadonut » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:42 pm

Hi all,
I started to see Dr Amir about 6 weeks ago, before I give an account of what has happened with Dr Amir Ill give a little background to my MS history/symptoms.

I was diagnosed about 13 years ago and my progression has been slow and steady, I don’t really suffer with relapses (well, noticeable ones anyway). Although I suffer with bowel problems, cold feet, lower backache, tiredness on a daily basis its my walking which is the most problematic/disruptive. I can only walk about ½ mile before my legs are too heavy/weak to continue, as I still work it makes the journey to work difficult on a daily basis. I haven’t taken any drugs at all since I was diagnosed and have tried many diet supplement regimes.

Onto Dr Amir.
At the initial appointment with Dr Amir he took an XRay of my teeth so that he could assess where he needed to move the teeth and did some kinesiology type tests with my arms to see if he could feel the difference in my strength when moving my jaw into a different position. He also asked me to stand and take a deep breath then do it again when my mouth was positioned differently, I did and it did feel easier to take a deep breath when my mouth was positioned as he wanted it. He then told me that I he thought I had a long standing chronic breathing condition which is playing a big part in my symptoms and that by adjusting my jaw/teeth he felt it would improve my symptoms. After agreeing to the treatment I went away and was told that I would need to check in every 2 weeks to adjust the brace and be assessed.

Onto the brace and effects….
The brace itself is a lightweight aluminium type brace which sorta pushes your teeth outwards from the inside of your mouth. After wearing the brace for the first time I had muscle aches in my back as though I had been at the gym, after about a few days I did notice that my walking had become different. Prior to the wearing of the brace aswell as my legs being heavy I would get stiffness in my legs around the groin/hips area making it difficult to swing/lift the leg but after the brace it seems a lot easier to move my legs around that area therefore making walking easier and quicker, this has continued onwards without any decline. That said I can still only walk ½ mile or so, its just easier to walk that far before I trip, whereas before I would trip due to my legs feeling like a lead weight now I seem to trip due to lack of power in my calves to push the legs/feet forward. My balance seems to be better also, although this is hard to quantify I feel more secure on my feet and don’t feel as though I could lose balance with the gentlest of a push. My wife has also noticed that my mood appears to be lighter when I return from work.

I have had an issue with an infection with an existing root canal where Dr Amir had to cut my gums to file away the top of the root where he thought the infection was being caused, I must say he was brilliant in being available at very short notice to try to resolve the problem. He has also being very considerate and genuinely interested in my symptoms and other peoples symptoms suffering with chronic illnesses.

Ill continue with the treatment and provide updates on a monthly basis…


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