Chiro negative response and feeling down

Discussion of chiropractic methods used to address multiple sclerosis symptoms.
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Chiro negative response and feeling down

Post by Lucky2be » Sun May 31, 2015 8:32 am

Been doing Chiro for a very long time due to car accident and past injuries, now just for maintenance because it usually helps posture and energy level.

I went to Chiro last week for a regular adjustment after feeing slightly misaligned. He did massage with metal plate in lower back but very close to spine. I couldn't get up off of table. Worst pain ever in my life and continues to be non stop pain in lower back. X-rays post reveal lumbar pinch at the facet joint? Anyone ever had this happen? I'm at a loss for what to do to relieve pain. Taking Advil, icing, and over fitness ball stretch. Pain extends down both legs and this is with movement of back. I'm sure it is mechanical and not an MS symptom but I am so worried that it will become an MS symptom because of inflammation. I'm just so sad, angry, as I walked in healthy and strong and barely walked out and still barely walking but with constant pain. Been really sad this week. I asked prognosis and no response yet. Will call neuro tomorrow.
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Re: Chiro negative response and feeling down

Post by orphansparrow » Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:16 am

I'm so sorry you are feeling down and are in pain. I don't have MS, my husband does, but I have had other serious health issues and I know how the pain can really take a toll on your ability to be happy. It's a very lonely thing. I hope you are finding a little relief by now. This may not be your thing - but one thing that helped me was meditation. There are several methods. The one I like best is when I just set my alarm for 25 minutes. I then sit or lay down and for that time, whenever thoughts arrive, I just push them away best I can and try to get to the center of myself where there are no thoughts. I have had wonderful experiences doing this. Sometimes it's harder than others. If it's hard to get into, you can try guided meditation too. I like the YouTube channel "The Honest Guys". I plug my headphones in and choose one of theirs to listen to. It can be a nice break. Just a suggestion. Anyway. I'm sorry these things are happening to you. It won't last. I hope you have a good day. :)

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