Please help me cope with my symptoms

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.
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Re: Please help me cope with my symptoms

Post by vesta » Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:10 am

Lostpuppy wrote:Thanks Jimmylegs
A lot of good info. I am eating fish a few times a week now. I will be making more of a conscious effort to add more of those food groups you mentioned.
The chart in the link about how much VitD3 to supplements vs current status was helpful.
I will be adding the vitamin Bs you mentioned helped you and are also in the Wahl protocol.
While some of my symptoms were less noticeable to me the past few days, I notice new twitching or tingling in different parts of my body that were not affected before.
Oh well. It’s a little depressing to me.
Thanks for your help

You are getting a good start on nutrition/supplements. Consider seriously item number 4 on My Seven Steps to MS Health copied below. You don't necessarily need to get complicated. For starters ask someone in your family, the 14 year old?, to do a one minute massage on your back - both of you standing - beginning on the neck and running down the bands of muscles parallel the spine to the waist. The idea is to get the blood circulating freely from the head towards the heart, and freeing obstructions to cerebrospinal-spinal fluid. This can't hurt you and may help more than you can imagine.

Best regards, Vesta

M.S. Cure Enigmas
MS Cure Enigmas MS Blog Cure or Control? more...


After a lifetime of eating badly, ingesting antibiotics and other toxic chemicals, exposure to heavy metals and nuclear fallout, toxins build up in the body and need to be flushed out in order to maximize the benefit of ideal, personalized foods and supplements. Check out DETOXIFY on the Internet to find your preferred protocol. One example:
want2bike (From
“Dr. Hyman explains his 10 day detox diet.

I had the advice/assistance of a kinesiologist/nutritionist and won’t myself suggest a detox protocol. Dr. Hyman maintains that a simple diet change over 10 days will do the trick (or at least be a beginning) which is something anyone can try. So why not? (It takes 5 days to withdraw from a food allergy).

See also my Detoxification and Supplements post.


See C-Reactive Protein – Key to MS Diet

Diet is critical to many diseases, particularly « auto-immune ». However, areas of vulnerability differ. For MSers it’s the vascular system linked to the central nervous system that matters. Diet impacts production of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) – which in turn impacts the endothelium of the vascular system. Secondly, proper diet acts to reduce cellular inflammation thereby preventing spasms in the veins’ smooth muscle layer. It follows that for MSers proper diet facilitates blood/cerebrospinal fluid circulation. For those without a serious veinous obstruction, diet/supplements alone may suffice to heal


I have been taking a customized Standard Process Supplement Protocol (with additions) recommended by my Kinesiologist/Nutritionist since 1984 so I won’t suggest a general plan.
As to Diet, consider my post Paleo-Macro-biotic diet.

As a general protocol consult Matt Embry’s (food, supplements, exercise, CCSVI).


Simple blood/cerebrospinal fluid circulation therapies such as massage, acupuncture, neuro-muscular electrical stimulation, osteopathy, or swimming may suffice. See Acupuncture blog (which includes Tens Self Acupressure) I do daily Tens Self Acupressure treatments to stay afloat and try to get an acupuncture or osteopathic treatment once a month. A serious venous blockage may require ANGIOPLASTY (PTA). Prior to taking that decision, one might consult a specialist in skeletal disorders (e.g. Chiropractors or Osteopaths) to be certain a bone, muscle, tendon etc is not obstructing the vein. Best diagnostic tool – FONAR Upright Cine (as in cinema) MRI.
Professor Zamboni’s recent "Brave Dreams" trial has cast in doubt the effectiveness of PTA (Angioplasty) except in a subset of MS patients which presumably discredits the CCSVI theory. Actually I would say it discredits only the MD monopolized high tech medical model. The Vascular Connection to MS is real, but the origins of obstructions are as varied as their "cure". Promoting blood flow throughout the Central Nervous System requires attention to the individual’s body structure as well as the physiology.

5. SUNLIGHT OR UV RAYS on the skin at least 15 minutes daily to release Nitric Oxide essential to vascular health and blood circulation.

6. Homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum by Boiron to head off a virus. IT WORKS (unless perhaps one is taking a toxic drug. Anti-biotics annul it for me.)

7. EXERCISE BUILD UP PROGRESSIVELY (Consulting a Physical Therapist may help.)
Be moderate in terms of your current condition. Don’t do so much that you throw yourself into an « attack ». (Early on I stressed myself with a « performance » mentality.) Now I walk a minimum number of steps per day and swim when I can.

Be creative. Tif of has recovered function with Neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation in the Onyx Body S haping and Slim Spa which uses “Madame and Monsieur Electro-Slim Technology”. Hugo Macia (http://www.secretosdelaesclerosismultip ... is testing on himself a German made Neuromuscular “jacket” to regain function. See
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