Nfl increases BEFORE damage appears on MRI

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Nfl increases BEFORE damage appears on MRI

Post by frodo » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:51 am

It seems that Nfl (neurofilament light) are an not just a biomarker, but also related to the pathogenesis and measurable WEEKS BEFORE the damage has been done.

Neurofilament light chain as an indicator of exacerbation prior to clinical symptoms in multiple sclerosis ... 481930135X


• CSF NfL increase is significantly elevated and precedes clinical symptoms by many weeks.
• CSF NfL increase correlates with clinical symptoms despite no change in MRI suggesting more sensitive and relevant biomarker for an exacerbation than MRI.
• CSF NfL returns to baseline consistent with clinical improvement.
• Although baseline CSF NfL is elevated as can be found in patient's age group, it is a reliable marker when use as the individual patients own baseline.

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