MRZR+ MS cases are different from others

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MRZR+ MS cases are different from others

Post by frodo » Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:08 am

MRZR is a reaction about several viruses highly specific for MS, but little sensitive. This means that if you have MRZR is nearly sure that you have MS, but a lot of people with MS do not have MRZR.

This report has found that MRZR+ patients show at the same time other specific biomarkers like free kappa-light-chains, yielding two different subgroups of MS with different behaviours.

Source: ... 8119320042


• CSF kappa and Lambda free light chains are quantitative B-cell response markers.
• The MRZ reaction is the most specific neurochemical marker for multiple sclerosis.
• MRZ reaction is associated with kappa but not lambda free light chains.
• CSF kappa free light chains might be a helpful marker in multiple sclerosis.

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