Merck fined AUD$75,000 for Movectro advertising

Mavenclad is an oral treatment for relapsing MS and active secondary progressive MS.
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Merck fined AUD$75,000 for Movectro advertising

Post by hwebb » Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:55 am

Merck Serono, makers of leukemia drug Cladribine (now marketed as MS drug Movectro) have been fined A$75,000 for breach of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct for their Movectro advertisement on the Australian Channel 7 news last year. The advertisement was presented as a news item, and was performed by neurologist Dr Bill Carroll (Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia) and MS Australia.

In Australia, it is not legal to advertise a prescription medication direct to the consumer.

I’m sure Merck Serono still view this as cheap advertising.

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