MS diagnosis and monitoring

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MS diagnosis and monitoring

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Biosensing strategies (approaches) for diagnosis and monitoring of multiple sclerosis ... 4022005902


Multiple sclerosis is a recurrent and progressive inflammatory autoimmune disease causing demyelination in the central nervous system. Nowadays, the number of MS patients is increasing, but the diagnostic process and disease management are still quite difficult and costly and time consuming.

The combination of methods used for clinical MS diagnosis mainly relies on MRI, that cannot be used as routine analysis. Classical methods of biological liquids analysis used for disease diagnosis and monitoring, include electrophoretic and labeled antibody-based techniques requiring professional personnel for analysis performing and results interpretation. In line with that, there is a need for reliable, sensitive and cost-effective methods that would be easier to take for both the staff and the patient. Biosensors application for MS biomarkers detection would provide such advantages.

This review aimed to summarize studies carried out in this field available at the literature so far, evaluate current situation and emphasize possible perspectives for research and clinical application.

Since this is multidisciplinary area of research, including development of biosensors, their use in clinical practice and making diagnostic clues, this review is expected to help different specialists, medical doctors, engineers, biochemists to use the results of each other's work for common good.

Possible transition to the use biosensors in clinical practice may be associated with some difficulties that must be taken into account were either considered.
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