My neuro recommended stopping Mayzent

Mayzent is an oral treatment for relapse remitting MS and active secondary progressive MS.
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My neuro recommended stopping Mayzent

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I was on Mayzent for about 1 1/2 to 2 years, but then had to stop, as I started to develop bladder infections. I decatheterize normally about four times a day, and had not had a bladder infection for about a decade. The first one went rather quickly with the drug Cipro, but the second one landed me in the hospital, where I had to have regular IV treatment to get rid of it. I forgot that the drug was an immunosuppressant, but my neurologist strongly recommended that I stop the drug, as I could develop an even worse infection, that could’ve been fatal.
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Re: My neuro recommended stopping Mayzent

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yikes, what an experience! better safe than sorry, from the sounds of it :O
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