Budget for Bulgaria

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Budget for Bulgaria

Post by facetspera »

In our MS support group the question came up about how much money would one need for the CCSVI procedure? I have waded through the 35 pages of the Bulgaria post till my eyes rolled back in on themselves, but could not find out an idea for an overall budget for one person and their caregiver.

Is it possible to have an idea of the costs (excluding flight costs) needed for Bulgaria,or other places that do the procedure. Some of us got our names on the lists but we now have to get the money together.

Then, let the bake sales begin.

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Post by skincoll »


This is copied and pasted from the email I got from Grodzdinski:

The total cost of the hospital treatment and the performing of all procedures for diagnostics and treatment ( balloon dilatation ) will be 3,000 euro. The treatment with stent – total cost – 5000 euro.
In cases when no venous pathology has been found and no balloon dilatation and stent has been performed cost will be 2,000 euro.

I hope this information helps, and I wish you guys all the best!
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Post by costumenastional »

Also, if your caregiver stays in the hospital's hotel (which i think would be ideal) the cost is 20 euros per night. Food is free for the patient but not for others. There is a restaurant up in the 9th floor were one can eat only with 2 or 3 euros.
Cab from the airport to Tokuda costs 10 euros.
All in all, i d say that appart from the flight tickets, 5500 euros should be more than enough for both of you if you are going there only to get treated and go home.
You might stay 3 days to 5 tops, depending from Dr Petrovs schedule.
With 20 euros per night on the hospitals hotel and 3 euros for a plate of descend food for your caregiver, do the math :)

I really wanted to spend some more money just to make time pass somehow but there is really not much to spend on while in hospital. Appart from what i payed for the operation, 100 euros it was for me...
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Post by sofia »

I had to pay € 500 for the stent, on top of the €5000 for the procedure, even if it said in email the stent was included. I did not argue.
I also had to pay for the blood thinners to take home with me. I can't say how much they were, as I cant remeber. I also bought some other meds from the chemist there, so I cant look at bank statment either.

As he said above € 500 for everything else will propably cover it. So if you can rais €6000 you should be safe.

Use yellow taxies, much cheaper then hospital transport, they use meters, and we never got ripped off, or taken on detours.

The hospital beauty shop, hairdresser etc was a different story, they over charged on all their services.

Hotels outside the hospital hotel is quite expencive, it does not reflect on the cost of everything else.

To us bulgaria is a cheap country, so we splashed out on everything we wanted, coffees, cake, food, taxi, drinks. Very cheap indeed.
So wth €6000 you are safe!
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Post by colapesce »

I paid about 200 euros for 6-months worth of drugs.
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