blood platelets abnormal in SPMS

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blood platelets abnormal in SPMS

Post by frodo » Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:16 am

A report about platelets being abnormal in MS.

Increased level of fibrinogen chains in the proteome of blood platelets in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis patients.

Epidemiological studies indicate a high risk of stroke, heart failure and myocardial infarction in patients with multiple sclerosis, especially in its secondary progressive (SPMS) phase. Some ischaemic events are directly associated with abnormal platelet functions and their prothrombotic activity. Recent reports, including this study, confirm the increased activation of circulating platelets in SPMS, and also show increased platelet reactivity, among other responses, as well as strong aggregation.

In this current study, we conducted a comparative analysis of the platelet proteome in SPMS patients and in healthy controls, to demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative differences likely to affect functional changes observed in SPMS. During densitometry evaluation of 2-D fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis, we observed differences between the electrophoretic patterns of SPMS platelets and the control samples. To determine a detailed characterisation of the proteome changes in the SPMS patients' blood platelets, in the next stage, we performed mass spectrometry of selected spots and indicated the increased presence of four proteins (fibrinogen, α-2 macroglobulin, septin-14 and tubulin β-1 chain).

The most important of these is the increased amount of prothrombotic protein, fibrinogen, which seems to confirm the accuracy of the imaging and potentially explains the increased risk of platelet-origin thrombotic events. This study provides new knowledge of the potential existence of the molecular mechanisms responsible for the acceleration of the platelet pro-coagulant function in SPMS. This can help to identify new targets for therapy, which can then be used not only in the second stage of the disease.

Free full text. ... jcmm.14244

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