First liberation procedure in UK

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First liberation procedure in UK

Post by GiCi »

I am back home following venogram and bilateral balloon dilatation of the jugular veins at 2 pm.
I feel well, my back is less stiff, my movements are quicker and my right leg feels already more powerful.
I am not on any blood thinners.
The procedure was carried out at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast by the radiologist Dr Anton Collins while I was under the care of the vascular surgeon Mr Robin Baker.
All the team were extremely excited and believe in Zamboni's theory.
I sincerely hope that today represented a breakthrough and that many patients will benefit in Northern Ireland. The ice has been broken: I look forward to a bright future for MS sufferers.
Thank you all for the good wishes,
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Post by ErikaSlovakia »

Dear GiCi, I am so happy for you!
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Post by Ernst »

Dear Sir,

Wonderful news, just wonderful. I think this is very important happening, one big step forward with CCSVI. Very happy for you and always reading your wise comments with big interest.

Ernst, From Finland
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Post by bestadmom »


I am so happy for you and am excited by your immediate improvements. Thank you for blazing the trail!

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Post by Needled »

Gici, That's all great news. I'm glad it went well and you're feeling the benefits so quickly. I hope you continue to improve. Just amazing! :D
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Post by Arcee »

GiCi, congratulations! How exciting for you, and how encouraging for folks in Northern Ireland and all around the globe. So glad you can share the information. Take care of yourself and enjoy the positive changes.
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Wee done

Post by Holz »

Well done dad!!! So proud of you :) love you xxx
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Re: Wee done

Post by Rokkit »

Holz wrote:Well done dad!!! So proud of you :) love you xxx
Now that's a cool post.

Congrats GiCi, for yourself, and for what you have started in the U.K.
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Post by fernando »


Forza GiCi!
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Post by cheerleader »

Bravo, maestro!!!
Good work, GiCi. Now go enjoy your recovered zest and zeal!
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Post by radeck »

Fantastic news!
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Post by Loobie »

Good work dude.
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Post by mrhodes40 »

Gici, Congratulations on the successful procedure in Ireland, first Liberation outside of Italy! Wow, it is wonderful news for the entire world.

Thank you for being persistent and makeing this happen, and also for taking the time to share with us how you did it, we can all follow your example.

:D :D :D
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Post by gibbledygook »

Oh my goodness! This is FANTASTIC news. I hope that this procedure continue to benefit you and you recover well. Do you think other UK patients would be able to contact these doctors? Was the procedure on the NHS?!

best wishes for your speedy recovery

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Post by LR1234 »

Hi Gici,
I am so pleased you had the procedure done in the UK!!!!
Thanks so much for opening the doors for us other UKer's

L x
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