A Summary of ThisIsMS Polls

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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A Summary of ThisIsMS Polls

Post by NHE » Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:49 am

General Discussion

Would TiMS users benefit from a Health Promotion section?

Which forum style do you prefer?

Should I proceed with treatment at this point?

How long did it take you to be diagnosed with MS?

Should CIS be considered MS?

Should MS drugs bypass the deductible making them more affordable?

Which theme do you prefer for ThisIsMS, Prosilver or Subsilver 2?

Do you think there's a possibility that I could have MS?

One doc says ms but other says not?!?! Could I have MS?

Need for a new treatment topic called The Coimbra Protocol

Do you have Amalgam fillings?

Proving you have MS over and over... Have you experience the same problem?

Birth month and MS risk

When you drink one cup of coffee in the morning, what happens?

Poll in response to Clostridium perfringens theory

What would you do: MS and new work opportunity?

Do you live near an airport or have exposure to diesel exhaust?

Have you had a traumatic brain injury prior to your MS diagnosis?

Would you use a monthly interferon beta?

Are you a Firefighter living with MS?

Do people with MS have more problems with high or low blood pressure?

Do you think fundraising for the MS Society is a good idea?

Is the sustained increase in walk speed meaningful in assessing how the Combined Antibiotic Protocol has benefited Kim?

What is your EDSS?

Would you be interested in donating to the site in exchange for a This is MS t-shirt?

Would a forum for your local geographical area be useful?

Like it?

dignan and jimmylegs should get together?

Were you a premature baby?

What prevents you from self medication via offshore pharmacy?

Which Fatigue Medication Works For You?


Violent Stretching Upon Awakening

Have you ever had a doctor "fire" you as a patient for attempting to be your own advocate?

How do you think MS changed your life?

How many MS'ers like or love certain smells?

If CCSVI proves to be the cure for MS should Zamboni be made a saint?

Should I go on medication?

Are you or your partner at the FTY 720 trial for PPMS?

Have you stopped the progresion of demylienating disease with Alternative Medicine?

Drug Pipeline

Which of the following disease modifying therapies did you like BEST? (least side effects).


Have you ever found marijuana useful for alleviating MS symptoms?

Does this UK regimen sound the same as US regimens?


Is radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) easy to diagnose and suggestive of high risk for MS?

MS Etiology and Pathogenesis

choose your favorite explanation

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venus Insufficiency

I have (or know someone who has) had the CCSVI treatment. Improvement has resulted...

Does this paper change your mind about Inclined Bed Therapy?

When are you most likely to notice a significant relapse /new symptom (RRms) or general deterioration / worsening of symptoms /new symptom (PPms)?

If you have IJV malformation, was the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck in utero?

Does tinnitus improve following CCSVI treatment?

How many times have you had venoplasty for CCSVI?

What things make your MS symptoms feel worse?

Are your hands and/or feet frequently cold?

OOPs additional question for poll; How many of these symptoms do you have?

How many of these symptoms do you have?

Would you be interested in attending a patient day without cost?

Smoking and restenosis


Poll on handedness

If you had a CCSVI procedure that led to the occlusion and loss of a vein, when was the procedure?

Do your MS symptoms get worse following a big meal?

Did CCSVI affect your erectile dysfunction?

I am a pwMS. I agree with MarkW's view and want my stenosed veins treated now, rather than wait until there is proof of the causes of MS.

Did you have a Life Traumatic Event or Serious Stress just Prior to your Illness?

Would you be interested in a class action lawsuit against all insurance companies denying coverage for angioplasty for CCSVI?

What do you think of a neutral interactive "talk" on interpreting evidence for patients with MS without research background to aid in making decisions about health?

Have you ever Been told you had Thick Blood or Your Blood Hemolized in the Lab?

If you were treated at Pacific Interventionalists in California, have you experienced restenosis?

Good results from CCSVI treament and....

Do you suffer from headaches?

Does your Neurologist know more than a Journal article about CCSVI?

Do you have thyroid issues?

2000+ pwMS has been de-stenosed?

Liberation treatment: Would you do it again?

Liberation Survey Part 1 - just after treatment: Tick one of the following to describe your improvement.

Liberation Survey Part 2 - after three months: Tick one of the following to describe your Improvement.

Liberation Survey Part 3 - after six months: Tick one of the following to describe your improvement.

Liberation Survey Part 4 - after 1 year: Tick one of the following to describe your improvement.

What do you think about having the Liberation treatment?

Would you allow an autopsy to promote further understanding of MS?

Have people tested for CCSVI had the transcranial ultrasound as part of their treatment?

I felt even better when I was using anticoagulants after the procedure

Have you had significant attacks 1st thing in the morning?

Do you think this collection is possible/a good idea?

If YOU were to get treated in Poland, whom would you choose?

Did liberation had effect in your cold hand/feet symptom?

If you are diagnosed or treated with CCSVI, what probems were found?

Does you head get redder than your body when you exercise?

Are you getting treatment for CCSVI?

Chelation - sould it have it's own forum or be part of the CCSVI forum?

Would you like to see "Afters"?

Do you suffer from ringing in the ear?

Does your MS patent's health improve when administered blood thinners such as Aspirin?

Will you continue to use DMDs after ballooning/stent?

Relapsers, how wold you rate your condition since the procedure?

Progressives, please rate your current condition?

Will you pursue the CCSVI Intervention since more news has been released?

Low Dose Naltrexone

Have you had a Lucid Dream?

If you definitely got better on LDN, how long did you take LDN before noticing undeniable improvement?

Tysabri (Antegren or Natalizumab)

Tysabri: Fine Young Cannibal or CRAB's New Partner in Crime?


Copaxone and trying for a baby.


To get 4 Avonex syringes, I pay.......?

Do you inject yourself?


How are you doing on Rebif?


Will these studies cause you to reconsider taking an interferon?


Are you gluten sensitive?

Are you following a diet to manage MS?


Are you interested in trying to treat your MS as an infection? If so, what are your requirements?


What is your response to Biotin?

Medical Devices

What was your experience with the pump?

Tecfidera (BG-12, dimethylfumarate)

Stomach pain on Tecfidera

Do you have ringing in your ears?

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Do you experience severe lower extremity muscle spams after exercise?

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